• Thanks but no, Alexa.

    The Echo products are Amazon‘s „spaghetti-to-the-wall“ attempt to get a slice of Google‘s and Apple‘s smartphone pie. The tech press bolsters them up as a success story.

    Dan Seifert now reviews the Echo Spot for the Verge. He calls it „an almost-perfect smart alarm clock“.

    I can’t help but think that the Echo Spot is one more among several Alexa-powered dust collectors.

    As a voice assistant, a communicator, a video playback device, a search engine, even as an alarm clock - who wouldn’t prefer a smartphone? And who wants an internet-connected camera on the nightstand?

  • Dead on Everest

    Goutam Ghosh‘s corpse has been left frozen on the ascent to Mount Everest for a year. In an eerie, yet captivating story, the New York Times now reports on the retrieval of the climber’s dead body:

    Apparently abandoned at his time of greatest need, he was a mute embodiment of their worst fears. One climber stepped on the dead man and apologized profusely. Another saw the body and nearly turned around, spooked by the thought of his own worried family back home. Another paused on his descent to hold a one-sided conversation with the corpse stretched across the route.

    Who are you? Who left you here? And is anyone coming to take you home?

    Everest is a scary place.

  • No spoilers

    Dabbling with DnD character creation instead of browsing social media is my method to avoid Star Wars spoilers. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and The Adventure Zone’s The Suffering Game Soundtrack will need to help me make it through my last 24 hours till I see the movie. May the force be with me.

  • Yes, that’s happening.

  • Why are capitalized user names not a thing on micro.blog?

  • ★ Something weird is going on with my RAWs on iOS

    With both iOS 10 and now iOS 11, I have persistently stumbled into a strange bug that messes with image colors when exporting edited files. I am not sure whether I get the full extent of the bug, yet, but here is what happens: An edited RAW that is exported, either copied, replaced or sent through the share sheet, can turn out as a weird JPEG (or HEIC) unlike anything the RAW edit suggested. The final image gets a darkened color overlay (most often green or magenta). Simply repeating the editing and exporting process will yield the same weird result. I’ll include some hideous examples for you at the end of this post. The apps I use either for capturing or editing the files don’t matter and besides RAWs from the iPhone, it’s happening to RAFs I import from my Fujifilm X-Pro 2, as well. Even stranger, I had the issue occur when importing and editing RAWs in Affinity and Photos.app on a Mac. The issue doesn’t reliably reproduce, however. Sometimes, force quitting and restarting the image editor may resolve it and the file output is fine. Sometimes, subtle edits like changes to highlights and shadows work just fine while changing image colors by saturation or tints cause the bug to show up. A quick search on Twitter shows I am not alone with this problem. Unfortunately, this bug is throwing quite the wrench in my new, non-Adobe, iCloud-centric RAW workflow.

  • 0 results for a search for „CrossFit“ in micro.blog‘s Discover feed. If that’s not something to add to the mix, after all.

  • tbt to when I bought this eerie Evil-Spacelord-version-of-myself tomato sauce on Fuerteventura last year.

  • 2017 Word of the Year

    Dave Pell on his word of the year in 2017: Breaking. As in “I need a button under my desk that stops breaking news.”

    My personal favorite of 2017 is the great and most eloquently put “dotard” which can loosely be translated to “U Bum”. You just have to give it to Brother Louie on this one.

  • I know I’m late to the show but I have basically been on a The Adventure Zone-only diet this past month.

  • ★ My micro.blog

    The Internet is a vast empty space. Therefore, I have launched a presence on micro.blog.

    It’s empty still.

    Indeed, I had fallen off the writer’s wagon earlier this year in between entangling workday routines and my preparations for the - perhaps final - exam in life. Things are getting clearer now as I waded through these lows and the year draws to a close.

    So how do I start this new thing then?

    Well, for once, writing is something that I enjoy.

    Maybe microblogging is the right conduit to sprinkle in more bits and pieces about me. Maybe smaller bites allow for easier digestion of the person that’s behind the words.

    Does someone even care?

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