★ No more gas cars

Are gas cars having a media comeback?

I can’t help but notice that there has been a resurgent reporting on “new” (i.e. old because gas-powered) ideas from traditional car makers in the press. In the aftermath of CES, there has been a slew of articles on gas cars in news outlets that focus on a younger, tech-minded audience like Wired or The Verge.

Gas car makers surely need some of that cool that EVs received in recent years. They are responsible at large for climate change, premature death and dirty cities after all, and those are really bad press.

If you ask me, however, I prefer my media streams biased against gas cars. A pro-combustion-engine lobby won’t get my clicks. We need to make the transition from fossil fuels and EVs still need all the support they can get.

Being a self-labeled “gas car enthusiast” has a similar ring to me as being a “proud smoker” or an opponent to the #MeToo movement.

Hardly inspiring.