★ Something weird is going on with my RAWs on iOS

With both iOS 10 and now iOS 11, I have persistently stumbled into a strange bug that messes with image colors when exporting edited files. I am not sure whether I get the full extent of the bug, yet, but here is what happens: An edited RAW that is exported, either copied, replaced or sent through the share sheet, can turn out as a weird JPEG (or HEIC) unlike anything the RAW edit suggested. The final image gets a darkened color overlay (most often green or magenta). Simply repeating the editing and exporting process will yield the same weird result. I’ll include some hideous examples for you at the end of this post. The apps I use either for capturing or editing the files don’t matter and besides RAWs from the iPhone, it’s happening to RAFs I import from my Fujifilm X-Pro 2, as well. Even stranger, I had the issue occur when importing and editing RAWs in Affinity and on a Mac. The issue doesn’t reliably reproduce, however. Sometimes, force quitting and restarting the image editor may resolve it and the file output is fine. Sometimes, subtle edits like changes to highlights and shadows work just fine while changing image colors by saturation or tints cause the bug to show up. A quick search on Twitter shows I am not alone with this problem. Unfortunately, this bug is throwing quite the wrench in my new, non-Adobe, iCloud-centric RAW workflow.